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Xtant Collection: A Tapestry of Inspiration

The creation of pieces for the Xtant collection exemplifies this philosophy of artistic convergence. This collection delves into the captivating world of surface design, exploring the dynamic interplay of color, texture, printing, painting, dyeing, and embroidery. The source of inspiration for this series came from an unexpected encounter – a visit to a museum in Jaipur, India. There, I was captivated by the rich history and visual language of Ganjifa cards, an ancient form of playing cards originating in Persia and India. These circular cards, adorned with elaborate hand-painted designs, sparked my imagination.

Returning to my studio, a haven for artistic exploration, I discovered many circular designs amidst our treasure trove of vintage, wooden printing blocks. These block prints presented the perfect opportunity to pay homage to the circular format of the Ganjifa cards. Collaborating with my team of skilled artisans, we embarked on a process of hand block printing motifs and designs onto the fabric. Building upon this foundation, we meticulously hand-painted the textiles using

natural dyes.

Wearable Art: A Journey of Discovery

The Xtant collection extends beyond the realm of traditional textiles, blossoming into a vibrant exploration of wearable art. Each piece serves as a canvas, embellished with the very hand-painted textiles described earlier. The painting process itself becomes an exercise in trust and faith. Working with natural dyes, the final colors remain veiled until after a processing cycle, demanding a surrender to the unknown. This element of chance becomes an integral part of the journey, encouraging me to be present in the moment and embrace the transformative power of the process.

Layering Stories: A Tapestry for the Body

The foundation of each wearable artwork is layered with additional circular motifs, meticulously hand-painted and then appliqued onto the fabric. This process of layering extends further, incorporating elements such as yarns, hand stitching, and even fragments of other fabrics. Shells and beads add a touch of the unexpected, imbuing each piece with a unique narrative. The creation of these wearable artworks is an ongoing exploration, with each piece meticulously crafted to stand alone. It is a slow and deliberate process, resulting in a collection of one-of-a-kind treasures.

Woven Journeys: A Celebration of Culture Through Wearable Art

As a collector of traditional and ethnic textiles for many years, I've been captivated by the stories woven into their very fabric. My travels have fueled this passion, leading me down hidden paths to discover authentic pieces.

Each textile tells a story of its origin, the hands that crafted it, and the traditions it embodies.

I have learned that textiles act as a window into a community's soul and artistic heritage. Owning a piece fosters a deeper understanding of that land and its people.

Our ongoing collaboration with the women of the Banjara craft clusters tells the story of the resilience of these women and revival of their craft.

Kuba Cloth

African textiles, particularly Kuba cloths crafted from raffia palm fibers, have captivated me since my art student days. Their timeless geometric patterns and rich history continue to inspire my designs.

This collection embodies that inspiration. We translated the graphic language of contemporary Kuba cloth line drawings into wearable art. Each piece printed and hand-painted, then meticulously embroidered by Banjara tribal women. The collaboration with this craft cluster empowers these women artisans, integrating their signature hand stitching – a cornerstone of our fashion and home collections – while celebrating their cultural heritage.

Artist Statement

For the past four decades, I have embraced the journey of artistic expression, traversing the diverse landscapes of abstract painting, ceramics, and multimedia art. My creative process is fueled by a vast array of materials – from the vibrant hues of paint pigments to the tactile possibilities of clay, yarn, and metal. These materials are not mere tools, but collaborators in the construction of a unique visual vocabulary. Through this language of line, form, color and texture, I strive to translate the unseen ideas that reside in my mind's eye.

Breaking Boundaries: Where Art Meets Craft

Throughout my artistic career, I have subconsciously adhered to the established lines between "fine art" and "craft." My abstract paintings and multimedia works existed in a separate realm from my textile design endeavors. However, a recent shift has propelled me towards a more holistic approach. Driven by a desire to merge my artistic passions, I began exploring the confluence of painting and textile design. This initial dabbling reached a turning point with my collection for Xtant . This project provided the perfect space and impetus to fully immerse myself in a stream of creative ideas.

A significant source of inspiration for my abstract works has been the rich tradition of Yantras. These mystical diagrams, deeply intertwined with Tantric philosophy represent specific thoughts and rituals. Their intricate graphic language resonates with my fascination with ancient practices and the evolution of rituals that straddle the sacred and the profane. While not strictly adhering to these practices, I am captivated by their role as visual codes for age-old traditions, whispering tales of mysticism and the profound connection between the material and the spiritual.